Happy Birthday Etta James!!

YouTube - Etta James – Sunday Kind Of Love.

Personal Essay: Yo Soy Boricua – I am Lala

Wow! Lala really tells it like it is!

I’m not angry with anyone who doesn’t understand the complexities of race and culture. And I’m also not interested in having long, drawn out conversations about how it’s possible for me to look like this and speak Spanish. In fact, sometimes I make it a point not to mention my parents’ birthplace because I don’t always feel like having the inevitable discussion that follows. Instead, I let people look at me and come to their own conclusions. As I start to get my feet wet in Hollywood, I already know that there are certain parts I won’t even be considered for. The character can be Puerto Rican and speak Spanish just like me, but Hollywood defines Latina as Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara. As beautiful as they are, we’re not all one race in Latin America. But I don’t go to auditions so that I can give history lessons to film executives. I’d rather skip the entire process.

Personal Essay: Yo Soy Boricua » I am Lala » Alani “Lala” Vazquez.


Introducing Nigerian-born singer Nneka! I’m likin her sound!

Born in Nigeria, Nneka relocated some 10,000 miles to Hamburg, Germany, at the age of nineteen to pursue a career in singing along side a degree in Anthropology. Having landed in the German port, the singer hooked up with DJ and Hip-Hop beatmaker DJ Farhot and ever since, their strong musical relationship has been the backbone of Nneka’s success. Her influences reflect her younger days in Nigeria as well as her time in the Western world. The distance she has travels shines through in her voice as does her diverse musical influences. She cites famous compatriot Fela Kuti and legend Bob Marley as well as contemporary rappers Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Mobb Deep and Lauryn Hill as key influences in her pursuit of musical recognition.

Check her out at:  NNEKA on MySpace Music

6 iPhone Internet Radio Apps For Every Type Of Listener

I just ran across this list of Internet Radio iPhone Apps and have not tried any of them. Have you?

6 iPhone Internet Radio Apps For Every Type Of Listener.