iPhone app lets you get away with napping at work | VentureBeat

A new iPhone app lets you nap at work in your cubicle without fear of being caught.

The iNap@Work app makes office-like “productivity noises” so that your co-workers will hear a constant din of activity coming from your space. Even though you may be snoring, your workers will hear sounds like typing, mouse clicks, flipping through papers, stapling, and human sounds such as clearing your throat.

All you do is adjust the settings on the iPhone touch screen to pick the sounds you want to simulate. You can adjust the frequency of sounds to simulate either a light or a hectic work day. You then click on the Start to begin your nap time and Stop when you want to do some real work.

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YouTube – Cajun OnStar

This is so funny!!! Comma to the top!

YouTube – Cajun OnStar.

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I love this site. I’ve had it bookmarked for years and go back to it occassionally to read about myself… or others. It is amazingly accurate, at least for me. Check it out!